Single – Clair de Lune
(C. Debussy)

I really always wanted to play this, even back in my younger days when I was a piano student.  This version was arranged for guitar by Joe Harris.  Used by permission.

  Clair de Lune

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All the music on this site is performed and recorded by Paul Erickson.

Most comes from public domain sources, and original compositions.

Even so, in respect for other music composers, arrangers, and publishers, interactive music on this website is also licensed by ASCAP.

ASCAP Licensed

You may download the Music at no charge. Thank you for recommending my music to others. Newly re-recorded at Beehive Sound on 05/18/2016.

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(C. Debussy)

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Paul Erickson began on the guitar at the age of 7.

He has much to his credit in the northwest; performing with various lounge acts and show bands over the years.

In 2010, he turned his efforts to the study of classical music and earned a degree in music from Everett Community College in 2012.

Paul currently records and performs classical music as a soloist in Snohomish County - Everett, WA. His music includes music by famous composers as well as original compositions.

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