Here you will find my music compositions. Free for personal use.
You can familiarize yourself with my music by listening on this Spotify link.
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If you are interested in lessons I might have space for a few more online or local students.

If you appreciate my work, you can thank me by sharing with students, teachers and friends and partcipating in music by the measure, or buying a printed book.

Perhaps you might consider commissioning a new piece of music. Or maybe you could use a license for use of music in a project.

Petite Pieces

Petite Piece #1
Petite Piece #2
Petite Piece #3
Petite Piece #4
Petite Piece #5
Petite Piece #6
Petite Piece #7
Petite Piece #8
Petite Piece #9
Petite Piece #10
Petite Piece #11


Etude #4
Etude #5
Etude #6
Etude #7
Etude #8
Etude #9
Etude #10
Etude #11
Etude #12


Waltz #3
Waltz #4
Waltz #5
Waltz #6
Waltz #7
Waltz #8
Waltz #9


Rondo #1


Sonata No 1 in E Minor
Sonata No 2 in A Major
Sonata No 3 in C Major
Sonata No 4 in D Minor
Sonata No 5 in F# Minor
Sonata No 6 in D Major
Sonata No 7 in A Major
Sonata No 8 in C Major


Sonatina No 1 in A Major
Sonatina No 2 in A Minor

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Music on Spotify

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About Paul Erickson

A local, from Everett, Washington, Paul has been a guitarist for over 50 years. He has a history of music performance, composing, songwriting in the northwest.

Printed Books

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Use my music for your project

You may download and use my music for personal use without charge. If you would like to use my music for commercial use (recording or print offered for sale, live performance, soundtrack, or broadcasting), please contact me for permission at Music Supervisors can find clearance for broadcast through BMI. For mechanical and sync rights please contact me direct.

Composing Tools

What I use to compose...

I have used different tools to compose with over time. From staff paper to notation software. Much of my composing has been done with "Lilypond" which is a music engraving program that uses it's own script markup type of code.

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