Lifetime Music On Hold Special

Classical Guitar music has just the right attributes to use for music
on hold!  It relaxes and calms the customer while they wait for your team to respond to them.

Putting in classical guitar music on hold also helps to show your support for the arts to your customers.

Click Here to samples of my music. When purchased the music will be made available to you as a download along with a paper license authorizing your use.

I also license music for use in Videos, Websites, Advertising, Podcasts, and Software.

Click Here to see details on types of licensing and rates.

The music-on-hold special includes rights to my entire catalog of music
for life. Your collection will include original compositions and classical pieces by Bach, Debussy, Carcassi, Giuliani, and more.

ONLY $99


My music is legal to use as it is  all original, sourced or re-arranged  from music in public domain, or permission for use has been obtained from the publisher.

My music on hold special covers license fees for use of my master recordings which are downloadable as 320 KB mp3 files for music on hold purposes only, limited to your company’s use for a single music-on-hold implementation.

For most phone systems, installation is easy. It usually includes putting the mp3 files onto an mp3 player and then connecting the player to the port used for music-on-hold in the phone system and adjusting the volume output to taste.