Music by the Measure!

Get involved with Composing!

Here is a fun way to participate with the composer I call Music by the Measure. The current goal piece of music is listed on this page, along with number of measures in the piece, number of measures sold, and needed. Measures of music sell for $5 each. If you purchase 1 or more measures, you will receive a copy of sheet music as a pdf and an mp3 recording of the piece when it is complete. It will also go up for free personal use for all the world. I appreciate the little nudges to continue composing from you guitarists, thank you. Check back from time to time for updates on a new piece in the queue.

Current Piece with Measures Available:

Petite Piece #11

A new classical guitar piece by Paul Erickson

Number of Measures in Piece: 16

Number of Measures purchased: 2

Number of Measures Needed: 14

To purchase 1 or more measures of the piece simply click on the paypal link below:
You will receive a pdf copy of the sheet music and mp3 when the piece is completed.


Please don't hesitate to send me an email at I love to hear from people that are enjoying my music and I like to hear from aspiring guitarists.